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Bernardo Sofa



Comfortable & Enchanting

A promise of relaxation. The Bernard sofa guarantees maximum support, thanks to the practical ratchet mechanism which offers the backrest to increase the height by 20 centimetres.The easy opening mechanism, without removing the seat cushions and hidden, reveals a huge bed measuring 224 cm in length with 160 cm welded mesh and 17 cm mattress.The comfortable padding of the cushions offers excellent seating comfort. The sofa bed is complete with a pillow compartment positioned on the back of the back.

FEATURES: Bernard is available exclusively as a sofa bed. The bed comprises a practical mechanism made up of an electro-welded metal base and elastic belts in the seat area. The mattress is in 25 Kg/mc density polyurethane foam, H 17 cm, length 198 cm and width 120, 140 or 160 cm respectively. An optional memory foam mattress is also available. The seat cushion is in 30 Kg/mc density polyurethane foam and the backrest cushion is in 21 Kg/mc density polyurethane foam. Bernard is provided with a convenient pillow compartment inside the backrest cushion. The bed is opened up by simple movements without the need to remove the seat and backrest cushions, which are attached to the mechanism. All elements are provided with a convenient ratchet-adjustable mechanism used to easily raise the height of the backrest. The sofas can be dismantled to facilitate handling. The armrests and back structure can be pulled out as they are attached to the base mechanism by a bayonet fitting. Marshall comes with H 4 cm concealed black plastic feet. 









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